1.       Guests Must be 18 years old and older to receive all and any treatment in our wellness studio. We will not make exceptions even with parental consent.

2.       Please be advised that we require a form of government issued ID at the front desk before you are checked-in for your appointment. This is to ensure the safety of our staff and other guests present. This process assists us with no-show clients.  A visual inspection is all we require. The name on your government issued Identification MUST match the name on the reserved appointment. 

3.       Call Our Appointment Line to schedule your appointment. Please note that this is the only way to schedule. A Voucher number is Required when scheduling if you have a gift card. $10 rescheduling fee if appointments are cancelled on the same day. If you cancel your appointment (2) twice with us you will have to pay “$40” fee to schedule another appointment.  If this payment is not rendered you will NOT be able to receive services. If you have more than 2 no shows you will be Banned from receiving treatments at our wellness studio. The time and energy that our staff puts towards preparing and waiting for your treatment needs to be compensated. We are sure you understand.

4.       If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, it will be cancelled. We have other scheduled appointments that we have to honor.

5.       Guests with Gift Cards or Purchased Discount Coupons will be held at the same expectation as described above. We treat all our guest equally.

6.       If a Gift Certificate be it in paper or electronic form that was purchased Directly from us is expired you can use it with $50 reactivated fee within 14 days of its expiration date. We allow 60 days for gift certificates to be used. Gift certificates that are expired more than 14 days will Not be honored regardless of your wiliness to be pay a fee. Please discard your gift. We are sorry that you forget about it.

7.       CASH TIPS are Preferred and appreciated. If you will like to tip by credit card please note that it should be $20 or more with a $2 fee added on the desired amount for processing.

8.       Cellphones/Tablets/Ipads may be present in your person when you arrive. However, they MUST be on SILENCE MODE, “Not vibrate, but Silence”. Other guest come to our wellness studio to relax in silence and experience a serene peaceful treatment. Do Not be Rude and Unreasonable during your visit. WIFI is not available to guests. Our studio is for relaxation and healing. Please keep All valuable belonging at Home or in your car. We are Not responsible for any lost property.

9.       We require our guest to speak softly at the waiting area and in the treatment room, in order to preserve the tranquility in our wellness studio.

10.   Taking Photos of our Studio is not allowed. This is time for you to focus on your treatment and relaxation. We reserve the right to prosecute individuals who take pictures of staff or our studio with the purpose of posting it online without our consent. A $500 compensation is required to Namaste Massage and Wellness for each photo violation. This agreement will be included on your consultation form.  

11.   Please be advised that if you are accompanied by someone during your wellness treatment they are not allowed to wait for you in the waiting area. Only patrons receiving services will be allowed to be in the waiting area. We advise you to make necessary arrangements for your friend/family to wait in the car or somewhere else.

12.   We require a 24 hours notification for cancellation of your appointment.  We however do make exceptions for reasonable unexpected occurrences. Please keep in mind that you would have to present proof of documentation that we will verify before waiving the rescheduling fee. The time and energy that our staff puts towards preparing and waiting for your treatment needs to be compensated. We are sure you understand.

13.   We are a professional wellness studio, please do not ask for inappropriate acts or questions. We reserve the right to immediately end your treatment if you act inappropriately or ask for inappropriate requests. Legal actions by law enforcement will be taken if necessary.

14.   Body scrubs are performed in a private room in our studio. Female ONLY have the option to be unclothed/naked during your treatment. MALE clients MUST bring an extra “underwear” or “boxer” to wear during the body scrub treatment. This policy is due to the gender of your therapist. Thank you in advance. Your appointment will be cancel if there is no boxer or underwear. Please note that it should be additional garments. The garments you have on during your treatment will be soiled with products and wet after your rinse off.