Namaste Massage & Wellness provides Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Organic Skin Care, & Holistic Wellness Treatments . We use a client centered approach  to obtain the best results for each visit. We are located in Falls Church VA.



Therapeutic Massage Approach


We provide therapeutic massages that focuses on treating muscle injury, strain, soreness, tightness, adhesions, acute and chronic pain. We do Not offer traditional options such as (Swedish only. deep tissue only).  Please keep in mind that our technique is a combination of both Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, and ancient eastern technique. The reason for our success is communication before, during and after treatments.

Skin Care: Body Scrubs, Waxing, Infrared Weight Loss/Detox Blanket, Body Polishes


We offer the best Exfoliating treatments in the area. We use the finest sugar grains with aromatic fragrance during your scrub. Our hydrating lotion will bring moisture and soften your skin for months. Each scrub comes with a herbal soak to detox and give nutrients to your skin. Get your Waxing done with us at a reasonable price. We also offer full body polishes, and Infrared Weight Loss and Detox Body Wraps. These sessions also end with a herbal soak.

Wellness & Selfcare Coaching


We offer private self-care/wellness Classes for long term sessions. The focus and goal is to teach our clients about self-care, overall wellness, self-esteem improvement, personal growth, boost and maintain confidence, accomplishing challenging goals; and finally life skills. Contact us for more details and information to sign up. Falls Church Virginia.



"My therapist was excellent in relieving the tension I had on my right shoulder, she worked out the knots on my back and taught me a few stretching techniques to do daily. I am pleased with the results" - Sebastian. M